Word Box

A word Box is a basic idea that can be used to help a child understand the connection between his spoken language and written language. A word box and the words your child will choose to put in the box can be used in a verity of activities that make learning seem like a game.

Make a word box with your child.

To make your word box you will need a shoe box, old magazines, scissors, glue, clear contact paper. Cut letters from the large colorful titles and ads in the magazines. You will want both upper and lower case letters. Glue them all over the outside of the box and the lid of the box. Let the glue dry. Cover your lid and box with clear contact paper.

Start adding your child's words to the word box.

The idea is to let your child pick their favorite words to go in the word box. Letting you child pick the words that will go in the box will give them a sense of ownership and increase their desire to learn the words in the box. Write the words on index cards or for younger children write the words on squares of cardboard. These word cards can be used in a verity of activities. They can be held, carried around in pockets, traced with fingers, copied, and used in a writing center by your child.

Ask your child questions to help him child pick words for the word box. You could start by asking him, "What is the best word in the whole world?" The words chosen should be fun and exciting to your child. The more fun and interesting you can make an activity of choosing words the more learning value that activity will offer your child.

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